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As this is very common tradition among us of giving back to society in different ways and by different means.

We as Pure Water Healthy Life organisation has witnessed that in India especially Punjab is the most affected area with water contamination with deadly chemicals, pesticides and microbiological problem. Kids in schools and communities in villages are more effected and situation is worse now, where there is no proper supply of fresh pure water to sustain the living. So we came forward to help communities where young generation is going to be the future of nation by providing them Pure Drinking Water by installing Water Purification Systems with the best state of the art of technology working along with best companies using latest technology in purifying the water assuring water will be 100% safe for drinking in remote areas of schools and in villages of Punjab

With the support of NRIs based in overseas we appeal everyone to come forward and sponsor a school or sponsor a village for their own provision of Pure Drinking Water. Together we can make a difference by coming along with PWHL contributing towards this cause which not only can save lives of people but we can create healthy and prosperous nation by providing Best quality Water to everyone. Because according to medical science 70% of diseases are Water borne caused by Drinking Water like typhoid, cholera, constipation, headache, joint pains, cancer, hepatitis etc and if we can solve that 70% problem we will be far ahead of everything.

As we live in same world we all breathe same air but in our life there are so many things we are still missing and we found that people around us still deprived of three most important things to survive which are Shelter, Food and water.


Our Project Leaders

Mr. Raghubir singh

Secretary / Chairman PWHL

Mr Raghubir Singh Secretary PWHL NRI, grass roots from Amritsar settled in Australia, Melbourne from last ten years. Having experience and knowledge in Water Industry and in manufacturing Industry, always has great desire to give back something to the community , especially the place we all belongs to, for the betterment of society and community for the better health of individuals . With the extreme possibility of positively impacting lives of millions of people in Punjab making this is the largest social project of his career by providing Pure Clean Potable drinking water to each mankind.

Raghubir Singh has spent nearly 10 years with Mr Rana in developing various water projects and models in India. From Automation, Designing, to Sales Mr Raghubir Singh has vast global experience in overseas projects particularly in product marketing and business development related to distribution and management in the mechanical and water industry. Currently he started working with the Health Supplement Industry bringing another revolution with a mission to change billions of lives both in Health and Wealth wellbeing sector in India. His organisation has teamed with a few reputable Indian and Australian companies that are staffed with highly talented technicians and developers for their Projects. Mr Raghubir Singh has combined all his experience and together with his team they are on mission to supply Pure Potable Drinking Water Absolutely FREE to the people of India.

Mr Raghubir Singh further wishes to help people out there in educating them about the benefits and importance of having Pure Drinking water in their Life.

Mr. Paramjit Singh Rana

PRO (Public Relation Officer) PWHL

He is one of the foremost experts in the world in Water Purification Methodology. Having passed his Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Sciences from Amritsar, he migrated to Canada in 1970 where he worked under renowned experts in water technology. He has 40 years of knowledge and experience in all aspects of this technology through tireless research and development.

Learning about the growing dangers to the Indian population via water-borne diseases, he has stationed himself in India for the last 10 years and developed a unique and cost-ef-fective technology to suit the Indian conditions, especially for the state and designed plants to treat and purify all types of raw water available. Mr. Rana is a Canadian-NRI and his family belongs to the district of Nawanshahr.

Mr. Rana been one of person who contributed to establishing the RO technology form USA to Canada and subsequently introduced it in India in 1995. The first bottling plant using this RO technology was installed by the us in Mayapuri Industrial Area, New Delhi. Our customers then included many embassies, including the US and Canadian Embassy, plus many 5-star hotels like Hyatt Regency Hotel.

In order to apply this technology and methods of distribution, we have installed two plants in Panchkula and Sri Ganganagar at our own cost, plus other plants in Ludhi-ana, Baltana, Devilal University in Sirsa, besides a few more in the pipeline for New Delhi, Nawanshahr and Sri Ganganagar. Being a graduate in Agriculture Sciences, one of the dream project/moral responsibilities will be to set up water purification plants for the people at Punjab Agriculture University.

Mr. Harkirat Singh

President PWHL

Harkirat Singh is an organizer, human rights activist, speaker and well known activist in the growing Sikh/Punjabi community. He has been a part of various interfaith and Intercultural projects including Vic health’s LEAD project and Multi faith future leaders program, and has actively contributed in promoting understanding in Victoria’s multicultural community. He is the organizer of community events like the annual Sikh New Year celebration and various exhibitions.

He works dedicatedly with compassion and his major contribution includes setting-up the National Sikh Blood donation drive and Food donation drive. He has motivated hundreds of people to donate blood and food in Australia to help fellow Australians in need. He was nominated for International Sikh Awards in 2013 and has been awarded by various organisations for his community works.

He is community oriented and has organized to raise community issues at different levels in the past. He regularly appears on radio and other media channels to raise awareness about various community issues. He also runs the Panjabi program on 979 FM.

He is passionate to work towards the betterment of the community by addressing the issues of social justice, economic equality, environment and better services with progressive thinking, compassion, diligence and action.

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